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Enter, shop and pay

avec app: Enter, shop and pay

Download our avec app now to shop at avec box and avec 24/7. Using the app, you can enter the store, scan the products and pay in stores in so-called "automated" mode where purchases can only be made using Self-Checkout (avec box, avec 24/7) as well as all participating POS outside of the staffed hours.

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This is how it works

  1. Download the avec app to your smartphone
  2. Register with your personal details in the avec app. This allows you to enter, shop and pay.
  3. Tap on the check-in button. For the store door to open, use your avec app to scan the QR code at the entrance.
  4. Select a product and scan the barcode. The product is added to your shopping cart.
  5. Click on “pay” to complete your purchase.

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— How it’s done —

Shopping via the app is really simple.

Start right now!

You can do everything via your smartphone and move freely around the store, whether you’re in the avec box, the most modern convenience store in Switzerland, or in the avec 24/7, our hybrid solution.






1. Register in the app

2. Check-in / Enter

3. Shop

4. Pay